New "Hollywood" Supplement Combo "Getting men ripped"

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The discovery is reportedly getting men across the country, many of whom have struggled for years, amazing results.

How do actors for action and superhero movies get so ripped prior to filming? While we were unable to confirm these reports independently, rumors are flying across the blog-world saying that the secret "Hollywood Workout" is really just a combination of two free trial supplements-- Acai Force Max and NatraCut --that one blogger, apparently the originator of the information, says "finally got [him] completely ripped after years of trying every supplement and workout known to man."

No-this doesn't involve expensive protein shakes, creatine supplements, HGH, or God forbid steroids. Instead, this trick revolves around a unique combination of natural bio-engineered supplements that have reportedly given men, both old and young alike, results they'd never thought possible.

While researching for this article, we found one popular blogger from California who wrote:

I'm not gonna lie... the way I found out about this was a little bit lucky. My buddy Brian and I were sitting in a local restaurant downing a couple of chicken burritos and I noticed this guy that works out at my gym at the next table. He's probably one of the most in shape guys I've ever seen, but I really never notice him working out that hard (which I always thought was weird). Anyway, I overheard his friend talking to him about how ripped the actors were in all these new action and supehero movies that have been coming out. His friend was saying they must have done some crazy new designer workout. But the guy from my gym just shook his head and said, "No bro. I know for a fact that it wasn't so much the insane workouts they did, but the supplements they were using." Then he goes, "What do you think I've been using? The same stuff."

... everyone thought it was some special workout [that got the Hollywood actors ripped], but he knew one of the trainers the actors had to use and the guy told him that they were using these breakthrough supplements called Acai Force Max and NatraCut. He said there was no way they could have gotten that ripped in that short of time from just lifting, so they turned to these new bio-engineered supplements. You bet your ass I made a note of those products then and there.

The blogger goes on to explain his personal experience with the two products (apparently he went straight home and got free trials of each) and posts some pretty impressive before and after pictures of his beer belly becoming a six-pack. We have included the before/after shots, as they appeared on the blog, below:

The blogger continues:

I snatched both of them up [the two supplements] immediately and started doing a little experimenting. It took me a while to find the exact combination of when to take each product, but once I did, it literally took me 4 weeks to go from just in shape to completely ripped. Within the first week, my abs started to show through and I got an amazing shape to my shoulders and back. My skin just "felt tighter" on my body and that made all of my muscle kind of pop out. Needless to say, my girlfriend was loving it, and that led to me gettin a little more if you know what I mean. My buddy (who was in horrible shape) started using Acai Force Max and NatraCut too and he lost almost 20 lbs in those 4 weeks - went from wearing a 38 waist to a 34 waist and hardly even worked out. He was kinda pissed he had to buy new clothes. HA!

What is the combo? It involves combining two free trial products (shipping on each is around 99 cents) based on an anti-oxidant rich berry from the Brazilian rain forest called Acai (pronounced Ah-Sah-EE). Acai has recently been featured in numerous media outlets because of its incredibly high anti-oxidant content. Dr. Perricone, a famous day time talk show host, recently rated the acai berry as the "#1 super food in the world"--according to one leading website on the berries.

If you'd like to give the combo a try yourself, we've provided links to special free trial offers for each of the products in the so-called "Hollywood Workout" (shipping after the coupon codes is only $0.99 per product).

Remember, according to the blogs, using the two products together is crucial. As the blogger featured previously explains, "This is key! It took me a month to figure out that combining the two products was the secret to the Hollywood routine. And taking one in the morning and the other at night really sped up the entire process."

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A new, so-called "miracle combo" has men across the country reporting quickly shedding pounds and gaining massive muscle.

Step 1:

Get the Acai Force Max Free Trial* (Use coupon: PERFECTBODY to lower shipping!)

Step 2:

Get the NatraCut Free Trial* (Use coupon: GETCUT to lower shipping!)

(the blogger recommends using BOTH together.)